Lirik Lagu Kid \'N Play ~ Next Question

Lirik Lagu Kid 'N Play ~ Next Question

alright, We Wanna Thank Y'All For Comin Down Here
listening To What We kord_Had To Say
Before We Go, We'D Like To Take A Few Questions
Eh - Anybody That Got A Question?

Yo, Hold Up
I Got A Question, Kid 'N Play
How Come Y'All Don'T Make Records About The Big Brown Booties?
What, Y'All Too Clean To Curse?
You Can'T Curse?
What'S Up With That?
The Booties...

Yo Play, Take This One

[verse 1: Play]
We Wanna Be A Part Of An Elite Group Of People
(lyrics Are Swift And Strong) Never Feeble
Wh at We Said Yesterday Will Stand By Tomorrow
While Some Chose To Borrow
Brothers Are Frustrated, Cause They Wanna Live Like Us
Don'T Wanna Ride The Bus
So With The Tail Pipe Draggin
They Choose To Ride The Wagon
Of A Band Of Rappers Who Like Braggin
About The Girls They Had And Cold Taxed
Then Put The Story On Wax
First_kunci It Was Cool, Kid And I Did The Same
When I Look At It Now, The Tales Have Changed
No Simple artis_Stories When The Beat Kicks
They Even Talk About When She Sucked Their -
(wow! All That? Hey, Why Not Just Chill?)
Hold artis_Up Kid, It Gets More Ill
The lirik_Records Get Large, And Now They'Re Stars
Drive artis_Fat Cars And Lead An Entourage
Now All That'S Cool, But What About The Kids Around The Way
Who Hang On Every Word You Say?
Got Their Attention, Created A Thirst
But It Can'T Be Filled With Curse After Curs e After Curse
Don'T Like To Judge A Man'S Craft
But Just Think Before You Laugh
About The Money You'Re Rakin In
There'S Young Minds Out lirik_There You'Re Breakin In
Sorry, Didn'T Mean A Long Drawn-out Lesson
(yo, Nuff Said) Next Question

Hey Yo Kid 'N Play, What'S Up?
What'S Up With Vanilla Ice And Luke Skywalker Tryin To Dis kord_Y'All
What Y'All Soft Or lirik_Something?
Ha, What'S Up?

Yo Kid, You Take This

[verse 2: Kid]
Now It Never Ceases To Amaze
How The Public Jumps_chord On Every New Fad And Faze
Regardless To Whether There'S Talent Or Not
And Most Times It'S The Talent They Haven'T Got
But That Don'T Matter In This Day And Age
Soft Silly Suckers Seem To Be The Rage
So Let'S All Sing A Song Of Six Pence
Another White Boy artis_Kickin Pure_chord Nonsense
He'S A Pitiful Individual
From Whom I Didn'T Hear Anything Original
Claimin To Dance Better Than Those kord_That Created The Kickstep
(is kord_He Stupid?) Yup, Yup
Bitin That Chant From An Old Black Frat Song
Enjoy Your Fame, It Ain'T Gonna Last Long
Pretty Soon You'Ll Get Your Just Deserts
The lagu_Brothers artis_Always Boo You, And We Know It Hurts
Now Let Me Pull Another Man'S Card
>from The Land Where The Bass Hits Hard
Miami, Where He And His Bums Rap
Wearin A Scarf That'S Lookin Like A Dunce Cap
Last Year'S Dis Didn'T Amount To Much
You Swung First, Now Here'S The Counterpunch
The Only Way You Get Attention On Your Records
Is Cause You Talk Dirty And Your Dancers Are Half-naked
But After A While We Got The Low-down
The Record Sales Started To Slow Down
Concerts Cancelled, Petitions Passed lirik_Out
Homeboy Was Ass lirik_Out To Sum It Up, You Gotta Be Able To Teach
Something Positive If You'Re Gonna Fight For Free Speech
Comin From The 2 That'S Never Fessin
(very Well Said!) Thank You - Next Question

Wait A Minute, Wait A Minute
Kid 'N Play
Why Y'All Always Dissin The Sisters
I Heard You Only Like_kunci Light-skinned Girls
What'S Up With That?
Yo, What'S lagu_Up With That Man!

Yo, Calm Down
Yo, I'Ma Make This Short And To The Point

[verse 3: Kid