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Yes I fuckin’ loves it, Newport
When the sun is shining, you wakes up in the morning
It’s fuckin’ wicked, I goes downtown ‘n there’s a fuckin’ fry up so fuckin’ safe
The port, I love it
(fuckin’ safe)

It’s like centre of the fuckin’ universe
(You knows it) It don’t get fuckin’ better lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Goldie Lookin Chain - Draw lyrics download mp3 than this
Knows it
(Love it)

Big up to all the multi story car park – massive
and all the people who goes to McDonald’s for Sunday lunch innit!

[One-Step Down]
I loves it down Empress Cars, Gary’ Evins fishin, the Hornblower
the leisure with that fuckin’ slide and Brynglass
This is Onestep Down, back from old London town

[2 Hats]
Yeah safe man, fuckin’ love Scarlett’s
Fuckin” Saturday morning, fuckin’ cup of tea, fuckin’ bit o’chillin’

In the mornin’, when I wakes up
I go down Scarlett’s, for a cup
O’tea and a bacon sarnie
Then I hooks up with my mates then we go down the Cross Keys
Then it’s up Wetherspoons, two meals for a fiver
I feel fuckin’ safe just like McGuiver
Then I go up John …(?) for a haircut
But by now it’s half five and it’s fucking shut

So I been makin’ money all day long
So we goes down to …(?) and smokes on a bong
Then we go, up to the lamb…(?)
Sellin’ as many Ecstacys as I can
Next, over the riverside
Getting paid, end of the day
Sellin’ speed in TJ’s
It’s the way the GLC do it
You heard the call, get fucking to it

[One-Step Down]
Down Queens school, fuckin’ every night
Burned it down to keep the bongs alight
Punches, the royal mail
Burnside’s only here coz he skipped his bail

I’m on first name terms down Empress cars
In Freshers I always get given fuckin’ free cigars
It’s John Frost Square with all my spas
And you’ll find all my bitches down Zanzibars

I smokes draw, draw, draw all day, wrecked up on the floor
I smokes draw, draw, draw all day, I really want some more

Here we go
I think you better know
You ought to fuckin’ know Newport’s the place to go
It’s better than Cwmbran or Pontypool
‘Coz if you wears a tracksuit they don’t treat you like a fool

It’s P Xain, again
Like cocaine
I spent all my time getting out of my brain
I started to worry about the drugs I took
I was doing more than Daniella Westbrook

[2 Hats]
I loves going down Shaftsbury Park
Smokin’ the draw with my fucking safe clarts
Then it’s off to town, to meet the chain
To score the acid, and stop the pain
It’s the only way, to see the Port
Fucked up, on top of Gear…(?) Fort

It’s like Ayia Napa, a top holiday resort
It’s where the drugs are sold and they’re bought

[One-Step Down]
I used to cord kord chord Goldie Lookin Chain - Draw lyrics kunci gitar work, down Priceright
Stackin’ shelves late at night
Now I goes, down to Qurbana
Sellin’ load of coke down the Celtic manor

If you don’t know us, we offer the milk of human kindness
They say extracting too chords Goldie Lookin Chain - Draw lyrics lyrics much can cause premature blindness
I don’t care, I’ll say it again
Newport town centre, safe, like Boyz II Men

I smokes draw, draw, draw all day, wrecked up on the floor
I smokes draw, draw, draw all day, I really want some more

[One-Step Down]
You knows that Elmo’s was the only place
Newport’s finest perms and tracksuits in ya face

We’re GLC, you knows we’re safe
And if you don’t agree I’ll spray mace in your face

I love Port birds’ bums and their calves
Swimmin’ cossies, in Maindee baths
I loves ’em when they’re up ZanzI’s on the razz
Or when they’re leaning out, of bad boys’ cars

I walks through Newport in the heart of the Summer
I went to Dil Shad, had a meal, did a runner
Chicken tikka massala, chips and rice
Went down Private Lines and bought a special device

We’re from the Port like modern day druids
Bringin’ you rhymes, that have style ‘n have fluid
Takin’ mushrooms down the Roman Ruins
And rippin’ off songs, that’ll end in suings

I met this girl and she looked like Samantha Mumba
She smiled at me and she gave me her phone number
I met her up Barumba
We went for a curry and then we did a runner

[One-Step Down]
You knows, the Litsy’s Run…(?)
I wants to do it, with a gun
Clean the streets for the good
Like a massacre in Hungerford

I smokes draw, draw, draw all day, wrecked up on the floor
I smokes draw, draw, draw all day, I really want some more

I smokes draw, draw, draw all day, wrecked up on the floor
I smokes draw, draw, draw all day, I really want some more

I goes down Woolies then JJB Sports
Buys a pair of trainers and fuckin’ smart shorts
Down the job center sees the sign on the walls
Workin’ down Nevil’s…(?) wearin’ blue overalls
Think, fuck this, I’ll go and sign on
But I’m in the queue for far too long
I changed my mind, and walked away
I goes down the in…(?) shops for the rest of the day

[One-Step Down]
Newport, you knows it we got it right there, with our posh fuckin’ clock in John Frost Square
We don’t take no shit from the twats in Abadere but queuing for Elmo’s never seems fair

Yeh you knows, fuckin’ GLC rare fuckin’ hardcore shit, for the year 2000 plus 2
Respect to the cowboy ‘n every fuckin’ crew

Adam Hussain here from fuckin’ Canada, bringin’ it down to you and shittin’ on ya
(?) Fuck it, you ain’t in, can’t believe it…
I’m up here fucking snowboarding n shit
and you can’t fuckin’ answer your phone innit..safe…call me later…tara

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