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[Joe Budden]
It go – off of my sabbatical
Took a few years cause Slaughter’s what I had to do
Which only brings me to now, and I oughta be erratical
Say that cause my autobiographical is moreso just a graph for you
I ain’t mad, you did more than what I asked of you
As for me, I did less than what I could’ve
So though we were a hit, had to cancel that show
And now my standard’s so low I’ll be amped when she not a hoe
But what you doin right now is real commendable, takes strength to do
Cause between us there’s some deep roots there
I gave you the best dick you ever got in your life
and stupid me thought it would be enough to keep you there
I thought you loved football, I was runnin through the hole with the stiff arm
But got disarmed, guess it was just harm
I ain’t need to fuck, I was lookin for a peer
They say once you stop lookin what you lookin for appears
You were stronger than I pictured you, much stronger than me
And almost just as strong as John
And John, oh that’s just a friend of my moms
with tubes comin out his nose, but shit I never knew why
But he was born with his heart in the right side of his chest
No for real, his heart’s in the right side of his chest
Doctors confused, ain’t much that they can do
But impute and say it ain’t on the right side of his chest
Scared he might die in his sleep, deep
Every time he cough wonders if it’s a cough or it’s a symptom
Us will get better later
He gon’ live his whole life wakin up e’ry morning to a respirator
So I don’t never say what I can’t do
If he can be happy with life than nigga I can too
While Jose wanna die
Ain’t tell nobody but I, and his eyes feel I should probably identify
I said every day he lives with pain and wanna end it
Somethin’s wired wrong in your brain, you gotta mend it
Had a bad break-up and let it expose dude
But if she was gettin you high then she would get you low too
SO~! Who’s there to wait on me?
Y’all just chords Joe Budden - Different Love lyrics lyrics get it off y’all and put the weight on me
Nigga look me in my eyes, it was amazing to me
And said “You don’t understand, you not as crazy as me”
You got gall nigga! I’m the most mentally flawed nigga
You not even built to withstand all I’ve endured nigga
You know shit about the thoughts in my head
Or the strength I need daily just to get out of bed
Just to open my eyes, nigga open your eyes
The words spoken of wise, you just know in disguise
We can end this right here, I got nothin more to say to ya
You ain’t never met another fuckin nigga crazier
Blank stare, couldn’t believe ’em
Can’t chastise me cause I got help, when you need some
I can give less than a fuck and not a damn
I’ll never be apologetic over who I am
I’m the same me, nothin changes when the riches do
But niggaz wanna suck you dry just like the bitches do
They enter your mentions, sucks to be the center of attention
when you can’t even center your attention
Yeah, so I’m lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Joe Budden - Different Love lyrics download mp3 fuckin out of frustration
They love every second and accuse me of persuasion
Jan was a cancer to me, I had to rid it
Red got in her feelings fast, but won’t admit it
Dawn I was bored then, never really smitten
V got threatened by the thought of competition
Malo wanna fuck all day, don’t know how
She wired, I got a Viagra in my wallet right NOW!
Steph kept it simple, loved me for my mental
B got a nigga but she used me as her rental
And you? You just give me resistance
Say you needed comfort zone, for you it’s distance
I tell ’em all I’m not available emotionally
They start givin me advice like they coachin me
I don’t even ask it
It’s somethin ’bout bipolar sociopath shit, they just find it attractive
Anti-social but I mingle now
But I’ve been arguin much more since I’ve been single, how?
Tell me is this a relationship or just a fuck-ship?
Whatever situation it is it’s all fuck shit
I’ll admit, I might love a lil’ differently
As for them they’d all love to see a different me
Some cried cord kord chord Joe Budden - Different Love lyrics kunci gitar to me, some are beggin for it
Someone’ll see that change but not be present for it
You just act so frightened
Ignorin all logic now, she won’t buy in
Even in your absence my feelings are heightened
Though I know some love’s lost, it’s not on my end

[Outro: Joe Budden]
It’s not mine, it’s not mine at all
Not sure, fuck it

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